Sunday, November 17, 2013

RHT03 / DHT-22 Temperature / Humidity Sensor Housing

I have been using the DHT-22 temperature and humidity sensors
throughout the house for monitoring temp/humidity with an Arduino Mega. They're kind of awkward to place though. I discovered with a couple of snips with an exacto knife however, the DHT-22 fits quite nicely in a one port single gang wall plate, which in turn can be mounted to a single gang cut in box in the wall to protect connections.

Here's some photos of how it turned out.


芭樂 said...

How is its performance based on this sensor house design?

Joe Kovar said...

It has been accurate enough to monitor the humidity and temperature in our bathroom for an exhaust fan controller for quite some time. I mounted it to the side of the bathroom mirror, up high. It catches the high humidity before the bathroom mirror starts to fog up.