Friday, July 18, 2008

Byte Chart w/ Large Numbers

Chart showing filesizes

It took me entirely too long to lookup how many digits were in a Petabyte, so after some hunting I put together this neatly organized chart displaying up to the 25th digit or 1024^8th place.
I tried to arrange the data in such a way that the chart shouldn't need much explaination or any legends or keys.

It shows
  • kibibyte / kilobyte filesize
  • mebibyte / megabyte filesize
  • gibibyte / gigabyte filesize
  • tebibyte / terabyte filesize
  • pebibyte / petabyte filesize
  • exbibyte / exabyte filesize
  • zebibyte / zettabyte filesize
  • yobibyte / yottabyte filesize

I noticed an easy way to remember which digit a Yottabyte starts with, Y is the 25th letter in the English alphabet & 25 is the digit a Yottabyte starts at. The same goes for P and Petabyte.

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