Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blogger Double Post Bug

Decided to witch back to the default Blogger templates today. I'd stripped out all of the inline management tools when I created the old layout because I never needed them back then. I just started to miss them too much these days though, they make a lot of things easier.

In any event, I'd been putting this off for awhile because when I went to use the blogger template designer, I was getting a double post bug where my posts would show on the page twice whether I was on the index or just a single post page.

I couldn't seem to find an easy way to remove the extra posts widget so I just said screw it. Today though I got tired of putting it off, and decided to dig into the HTML of the template and hunt down the obviously present second posts widget.

From the looks of things, it just wasn't recognizing my posts template when it reverted to the default templates. It was looking at my posts widget as if it were a HTML widget or something other than posts, so it was adding a new posts widget. Though, the editor for my widget was still that of a posts widget, so there was no remove this widget button.

So, I singled out my own posts widget, the one with an id of "blog2", and removed the entire widget wrapper and all of the includables. Worked like a charm.

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