Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blocking Low Paying Adsense Categories

I was looking through the new Adsense interface today (the version with /v3/ in the URL) and found out that the control over blocked ads is a lot better than I remember. Under the "Allow and Block Ads" tab there are two awesome options in "Blocking OptionS" section of the sidebar, "General Categories" and "Sensitive Categories".

Sensitive Categories has things like dating, politics, religion, etc. Whereas General Categories has everything else.

Both of these sections show a list of possible Adsense categories along with what percentage of the ads you've displayed came from each category, and how much of your Adsense revenue came from each category. Most of the categories also break down into multiple sub-categories.

As soon as I found it I immediately realized I had a couple of categories with bad impression/revenue relationships. For instance I had one category that was accounting for 13% of impressions, however it only accounted for 3.8% of revenue. In comparison there are other categories that account for 6.9% of revenue on 3.3% of impressions and 4.5% on revenue on 2.5% of impressions.

So, I went ahead and blocked the categories with horrible impression to revenue relationships. I figure that having more ads from more profitable categories being displayed will translate into more money. Since Adsense has much improved reporting in V3 it will be easy to see just how well my changes do in the future.

There is a 50 category limit on the number of Adsense categories that can be blocked.


Best Reviewer said...

I hope you can do a follow up after one week or two and say it your ecpm has increased.

Joe said...

If I haven't done a follow up by the end of this month, drop me a comment reminding me.

The Clicker said...

So, how is the results after ~2 months?

Joe Kovar said...

It doesn't appear to have made any difference to my bottom line at first glance. It could have something to do with why my revenue stayed the same as my pageviews dropped since June, but I doubt it.

For the most part the categories seem to have balanced out their impressions VS revenue. There is one exception which accounts for 28% of revenue and 38% of impressions that I'm afraid to touch however.