Saturday, January 22, 2011

$18.50 Average Adsense Page RPM

I've been experimenting with a sort of "bare bones" layout with articles for a few weeks now. I have a half-dozen websites using the layout and the average Adsense Page RPM is $18.50 USD. To answer the obvious question, no these aren't articles that use ridiculously high paying no-chance-for-the-little-guy-to-compete-competition keywords either.

Basically, it's a 500-600 word article centered on the page with some navigation links on top, a descriptive heading, a paragraph of introduction text, a 728x90 advertisement, the entire article text, then some links to other articles and websites on the bottom.

There are no layout graphics at all in this layout, only an occasional article-relevant graphic within the article text from time to time. No sidebars, navigation is kept above the heading, and down in the footer. I haven't been adding any links within the article text to relevant articles.

There are 3 sizes of black text, normal, h1, and h2 sizes. The background is solid white and the links are the default blue. The main heading is centered, the rest of the text is left-aligned within the centered 800 pixel column.

The websites use almost no bandwidth, CPU to generate the pages is minimal.

It will be interesting to see if this layout survives, it really does give new meaning to "content is king".


Jacqui Jones said...

Hi Joe,

Is this layout still working for you?

I'm experimenting with a few adsense sites. My RPM is not as high as $18.50 (more around the $3.80 mark).

talk soon

Joe Kovar said...

Working just as well as day one

Anonymous said...

Hey joe

anyway we can see one of the sites?

Joe Kovar said...

I'm more than happy to teach a man how to fish, but I'm not showing him where I'm catching my fish.

Joe Kovar said...

Just looked at the numbers for last month. A seasonal item website I have setup using this method maintained a pageRPM of $43.17 that month.

samrudha said...

tats fantastic .... would love to see your ur site though...

Call Pakistan said...

I always used to wonder what RPM means, thanks for the info

Receptizakolace said...

i simply don't understand how you guys make so huge RPM numbers, my site's average is only around $0.3. :(
i noticed that clicks from some countries in europe(western europe), average much, much more profit, than from some other countries(eastern europe). why is that?